Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birthday Quilt

As I reach a milestone in my life I have elected to make a friendship quilt and asked friends, family and colleagues to join in. This entails making a block to go in the quilt. The only stipulations were it has to be  100% cotton and it HAS to be Blue and White.
I have been receiving parcels from around the world and can't wait to open them and see what wonders have been created. I have some very artistic friends so my expectations are high! The blocks I have been given so far are wonderful and I am so looking forward to putting them all together.
I will put a photo montage on the blog when I start to combine them.

On another tack altogether  - My friends in Australia who lost their houses in the floods in January are now back in their new houses, each with a new quilt! I am pleased they are getting their lives back to normal - let's just hope we can start to find a new normal here in Canterbury.